Butterscotch Soda Marshmallows

  • Cream soda flavoured marshmallows swirled with a butterscotch filling. Inspired by Harry Potter's Butterbeer, this mallow is a favourite for dunking in your hot chocolate or morning coffee, or substituting for vanilla marshmallows in your favourite rice krispie treat recipe.
  • Lolly's is a small family business making handcrafted marshmallows in flavours you never thought possible!
  • All bags contain 12 pieces, handcut roughly to 1.25"x1.25" in size.
  • All marshmallows contain sugar, gelatin, and corn syrup.
  • gluten friendly, cross-contamination may still occur as all flavours are made in the same facility. 
  • contains soy
  • stays fresh in the resealable pouch for up to 4 weeks
  • Made in Canada

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