Bright tassel balloon bouquet

  • 1 x 18” latex balloon (passion pink) with 2 tassels and 6 x 11” latex balloons (watermelon, rose, wild berry, peach blush, blush and coral) each with a tassel
  • weight included
  • tassels are from my secret stash of bright and fun coloured tassels.  These are specific tassels tailored to work on an 11” balloon and not the ones that we sell on the website.  
  • Leave a note at checkout if you would like a different colour theme (look at the helium inflated 11 inch balloon section to advise me of specific requests or use phrases like “shades of blue or neutral shades for example”
  • if no note is left at checkout we will assume you want like the above picture 
  • please note we coordinate as per our colour palette tucked inside my brain
  • these balloons will stay inflated approx 3-5 days in regular room temp but tassels may need trimmed if they start to fall
  • balloons that are kept outdoors will more than likely only last a few hours
  • we do not ship this bouquet with Canada post, it is only for pick up or local delivery.
  • I think I’ve covered everything but at the end of the day balloons May misbehave! 

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